Usage Conditions

g3vtt_straight_key     The call must only be used on CW!


Usage should be either directly associated with Samuel F.B.Morse anniversaries, or with events associated with promotion of CW such as Straight Key Nights or QSO parties, activity days, demonstrations  etc. but NOT contests
Operators should be Full (Advanced) UK licence holders with a recognised Morse ability and good operating skills since interest is likely to be high.
Operators will have to agree to the  ‘DX Code of Conduct’ See

Logs must be computer based with ADIF output. An ADIF file will need to be sent to G3SWH to be uploaded to LOTW within 1 month of the end of the operation. The log must show the operator at all times.

The main operator will have to agree to have contact details (eg QTHR etc) publically available for Ofcom. This is only required in case Ofcom need to close the station down for some reason. This is a normal requirement for special event calls.

 ********QSL via G3SWH********

Note: These conditions are provisional and can be amended at any time,

Questions  Bob(at)G3PJT(dot)com.

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