The English language edition of Morsum Magnificat, the Morse Magazine, otherwise known as ?MM?, contained a vast amount of information and illustrations of interest to Morse operators, key collectors, historians, researchers and other Morse enthusiasts.

Published from 1986 to 2004, in 89 issues, with readers and contributors around the world, it covered every conceivable aspect of Morse telegraphy, past, present and future, in a truly international way.

With the permission of the copyright holder, Zyg Nilski, G3OKD, this vast resource is now available for download in PDF format, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of Lynn Burlingame N7CFO who was a reader of, and contributor to, MM.

Included in the downloads is an updated and revised version of the MM 54-page Key WT 8 Amp Worldwide Survey which has proved to be of great interest to both users and collectors of the many versions of this famous pre-war, wartime and post-war military Morse key.  

MM was first published in the Dutch language, by Morse enthusiasts, Rinus Hellemons PA0BFN, and Dick Kraayveld PA3ALM. They were later joined by Tony Smith G4FAI who helped them launch the English language edition of the magazine.

After Rinus died, G4FAI produced and edited MM alone until he was joined by Geoff Arnold G3GSR, one-time editor of Practical Wireless and founder of Radio Bygones. Later, Zyg Nilski G3OKD took over as editor and produced the final 28 issues of the magazine.  

Original readers of MM who have copies missing from their collection can now fill the gap with a digital download. Today?s newcomers, and those who missed it first time round, now have the opportunity to discover what this unique publication has to offer them, and it costs nothing!

Free downloads of MM are available for personal use only from: <>
73 of the 89 issues have been posted so far. It is hoped to obtain the remaining copies in the near future.

Copies of MM may not be downloaded or distributed for any commercial purpose. Any website offering digital downloads of Morsum Magnificat or the Key WT 8 Amp Worldwide Survey for payment is doing so without copyright permission. Anyone finding such a site is asked to send details to g4fai(at)

 Tony Smith G4FAI

Co-founder of the English edition of Morsum Magnificat.

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